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12 June, 2017 (staff)

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Have Your Say on Interdisciplinary Collaboration at Murdoch

Have you ever taught, coordinated or participated in a class, assessment or activity that involved interdisciplinary collaboration between schools? Would your work or study be enriched by collaborations with students, staff and professionals outside of your school? How can the University support interdisciplinary innovation?

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Collaboration is the key to innovation and the greatest discoveries are often made at the intersection of disciplines. We want Murdoch University to be an incubator for innovation; in particular, innovation that arises from interdisciplinary collaborations. This means understanding the infrastructure and incentives needed for collaboration to happen. We are calling on staff and students to highlight instances where interdisciplinary collaboration occurs at the university, and the opportunities for improvement.

Who Are We?

As part of the Students as Change Agents in Learning and Teaching (SCALT) Programme, Murdoch University students Karen Wellington ( and Rebecca Loftus ( are compiling a report on interdisciplinary collaboration at Murdoch University. At the end of this project they will present their findings to the university and make recommendations for the continued development and improvement of Murdoch’s innovation ecosystem.

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