Encouraging young people's reading beyond early childhood: What YOU can do

29 August, 2017 (student)

Free to public as part of the Future Earth film and lecture series at Murdoch University. Presented by Dr Margaret Merga, from the School of Education, Murdoch. This is a must for parents and educators interested in the value and importance of encouraging childhood reading to improve literacy for future generations. 4th September, KBLT, 6 pm - 7 pm

To meet academic, vocational and social literacy demands in the future, both children and adults need a high level of functional literacy to ensure successful participation, and to optimize their life opportunities. While the predominant research focus on building literacy in the early years of childhood is highly valuable for laying a future foundation to foster a life-long reader orientation, it is also extremely important to consider how parents, teachers, librarians and other literacy advocates can support regular engagement in reading beyond this point, given our knowledge of the continuing strong association between regular recreational reading engagement and literacy benefits. This presentation will provide practical suggestions about how to support older children and teenagers to read beyond the early years, highlighting the benefits of maintaining the practice, and drawing on current and robust research findings in this area.


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