Exercise Right Week: May 21-27

07 May, 2018 (staff)

The theme of Exercise Right Week 2018 is 'Motivation to Move'. Follow us on Facebook for daily movement challenges with prizes up for grabs!

Exercise Right Week is fast approaching and we want to give every body motivation to move.

Follow us on Facebook and we will give you a movement challenge for each day of Exercise Right Week to make sure you are getting some movement into your day (don’t worry, they’re easy).
If you take a snap of yourself completing the daily challenge, upload it to our Facebook page and use the hashtag #exerciserightweek2018 to go into the running to win a free body composition DXA scan at Heart Health and Fitness.

If haven't already, check out our new website www.hearthealthandfitness.com.au for all the ways we can help you make the small but potentially lifesaving lifestyle changes for a happier, healthier life restricted only by your imagination!

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