Small Steps of Innovation grants now open

14 May, 2018 (staff)

During consultation with the University community in the formation of the Strategic Plan and Future Horizon 2017-2027, many suggestions were made that were indicative of small steps of innovation.

Everyone can innovate. Innovation generally refers to changing processes, or activities, and ideas.

Through the Small Steps of Innovation Funding Program, the Vice Chancellor encourages all staff to take small steps of innovation that provide improvements across the University or for individual Schools or Offices which enhance the experiences of staff and/or students.

Proposals for Small Steps grants should show a clear link to the University’s Strategic Plan, as well as clearly indicating the benefits that will be seen across the University or to the individual School/Office/group.

Information and Application Process

The Vice Chancellor’s discretionary fund will provide $50,000 annually towards Small Steps of Innovation, with $5,000 being the maximum amount available for each grant.

There will normally be two calls for applications for grants each year, with one call being made each semester. If all available funding is allocated in the first call, then there would not be a second call for that year.

Out-of-session applications may be made where an applicant is able to explain why a project should be funded immediately, rather than waiting for the next call for applications. At the Vice Chancellor’s discretion, such applications may be funded, held over to the next call or not funded.

Funds allocated via this program must be expended within 12 months from being awarded.

Applications may be submitted by individual staff who hold an on-going or fixed-term appointment, or a team of staff and/or students led by a staff member holding an on-going or fixed-term appointment.

A staff member may hold a maximum of 3 grants at any given time, whether as an individual or part of a team.

Applications should be emailed to using the template accessible here.

Grants will be awarded solely at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor, whose decision is final.

Deadline: 21st June 2018

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