Student Hub - FIFA World Cup Live on SBS

26 June, 2018 (student)

The Student Hub will be showing the live SBS FIFA World Cup football matches on the large screen for the duration of the games as per the published schedule below from the SBS.


 FIFA World Cup Live Match Broadcast Schedule on SBS



Denmark v France                LIVE from 9.30pm (kick-off 10pm)



Nigeria v Argentina               LIVE from 1.30am (kick-off 2am)    

Iceland v Croatia                   LIVE from 1.30am (kick-off 2am)     

Korea Republic v Germany     LIVE from 9.30pm (kick-off 10pm)

Mexico v Sweden                  LIVE from 9.30pm (kick-off 10pm)



Serbia v Brazil                        LIVE from 1.30am (kick-off 2am)    

Switzerland v Costa Rica      LIVE from 1.30am (kick-off 2am)       

Japan v Poland                      LIVE from 9.30pm (kick-off 10pm) 

Senegal v Colombia              LIVE from 9.30pm (kick-off 10pm)



Panama v Tunisia                  LIVE from 1.30am (kick-off 2am)    

England v Belgium                LIVE from 1.30am (kick-off 2am)    


SBS’s coverage of the Round of 16 and Quarter Finals will be announced throughout the tournament.


Wednesday 11 July from 1:30am 2018 FIFA World Cup semi-final 1 LIVE kick-off 2am

Thursday 12 July from 1:30am 2018 FIFA World Cup semi-final 2 LIVE kick-off 2am

Saturday 14 July from 9pm 2018 FIFA World Cup play-off for 3rd LIVE kick-off 10pm

Sunday 15 July from 9pm 2018 FIFA World Cup final LIVE kick-off 11pm


All times are subject to change and adjusted for AEST as published by SBS

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