Tutor's Development Network

09 July, 2018 (staff)

The Tutor's Development Network (TDN) provides professional development opportunities and training for all teaching staff, with a specific focus on sessional tutors.

The Network aims to share practical resources to enhance knowledge and skills in teaching, learning, assessment skills, and instructional design.

Meeting every 6-8 weeks at Murdoch University, each TDN session offers a range of professional development opportunities including guest presenters, teaching method/activities, and opportunities for cross-disciplinary peer engagement and collaboration.

As a professional community of practice, the TDN provides a safe and positive space for peer interaction, allowing members to share experiences, concerns and questions about classroom behaviour, management, and role expectations. Members can also access the TDN LMS which provides information and video demonstrations of featured instructional methods, supporting research, useful information/contacts, and a regular newsletter.

Please contact Anne McGuire to learn more about the vibrant TDN community.

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