Perth Arena plays host to Murdoch's best and brightest

09 July, 2018 (staff)

A night of music and magic in The Reveley Room at Perth Arena was the festive backdrop to the 2018 Staff Awards, which recognised the academic achievements and years of service from some of the Murdoch's best-known personalities.

Magician Robbie T entertained around 150 staff members and their families who gathered for dinner to celebrate, with Deputy Vice Chancellor – International – Professor Lyn Karstadt acting as the MC.

The awards included a three-course dinner and a show for the first time in the University’s history.

Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen said the awards were an opportunity to pause and recognise the wonderful teaching, research and professional staff who continued to grow the unique and diverse Murdoch community.

“Our potential as a University continues to lie with the talent and energy of our people,” Professor Leinonen said. “We’re passionate about enriching the University experience for staff, students, and local and international communities.”

Among the award recipients were 12 long-serving staff members – including five who have been at Murdoch for 40 years or more.

Academic excellence in learning and teaching, research and innovation and the recognition of professional service awards were also presented, along with the prestigious Senate Medals for outstanding service to the University.


Senate Medal:

Emeritus Professor Ian Robertson, Gai Walker


Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching 2017:

General Teaching Excellence - Dr Guy Curtis

Early Career Teaching - Dr Helena Kadmos


Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Services 2017:

Michelle Paul Davie


Vice Chancellor's Citations for Excellence in Enhancing Learning 2018:

Professor Cassandra Berry

Christian Mauri

Associate Professor Mary Anne Kenny

Dr Sheila Mortimer-Jones


Vice Chancellor's Award for Programs that Enhance Learning 2018:

The Murdoch Moot Program (Lorraine Finlay, Joseph Indaimo, Michelle Barron)


Australian Awards for University Teaching/ 2017 Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

K-Track team (Braden Hill, Karin Strehlow, Rebecca Bennett, Sian Bennet, Helen Correia)


Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research 2018:

Distinguished and Sustained Achievement - Professor Neil Loneragan

Early Career Development and Achievement - Dr Sam Abraham

Impact in Communities - Associate Professor Mary Anne Kenny

Outstanding Research Development - Dr Joe Fontaine


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