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Keep your pets safe this Easter

As Easter approaches, pet owners everywhere are making plans to gather together to eat hot cross buns and go hunting for chocolate Easter eggs. However, the treats we surround ourselves with at Easter may have the potential to cause harm to our beloved pets (more)

Australian Storytelling Study Tour Opportunity: Winter Unit

The Australian Storytelling (EGL243) winter unit includes a 10-day tour of coastal and regional Australia to explore our unique places, nature, and the people who call it home. Come on the journey! (more)

Vikings Kids Holiday Program April 2019

Do you have children between 5-12 years of age? Sign them up for Vikings Kids Holiday Program running April 15 to April 26 2019! (more)

Volunteers wanted - facial recognition research project

Do you want to see how good you are at recognising faces? We are looking for volunteers with sound health, aged 18 +, to participate in a study looking at how cognitive ability differences influence performance on a face recognition task. (more)

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