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Update: Disruption to gas supply services following identification of gas leak

Published: 14th October 2021

Updated - 15 October 2021

A pre-existing gas leak was identified near Building 260 and Car Park 9C while contractors were inspecting the service reticulation located in the area.

The leak is impacting gas supply services to a number of buildings along the gas main and it is possible the disruption may extend into next week.

We acknowledge the significant inconvenience caused by this unplanned event.

As a result of the supply disruptions, some retail outlets at the Student Hub have closed, and there are some units at the Campus Living Village without hot water supply, for which alternative options have been provided to tenants.

Car Parks 9, 9A and 9B have reopened. Car Park 9C will remain closed until further notice.

PDCSO are actively working at a mitigation strategy to reduce the impact to buildings that require the use of gas to perform day-to-day operational requirements, and are engaging with teams across the University to provide alternative solutions as soon as reasonably practicable.

An investigation is underway to determine the size and scale of the rupture and appropriate treatment. As the service infrastructure is pressurised, the compliance requirements necessary in addressing a gas ring main are stringent and lead times will vary from short to intermediate.

Above all else, the safety of all people and property will be the drivers in delivering the shortest lead times in getting this service back to a satisfactory condition.

This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

Impacted buildings

The buildings that have been identified as being impacted are:

  • Building 120

  • Building 130

  • Building 131

  • Building 133

  • Building 134

  • Building 135

  • Building 136

  • Building 137

  • Building 138

  • Building 139

  • Building 140

  • Building 141

  • Building 170

  • Building 175

  • Building 180

  • Building 235

  • Building 240

  • Building 250

  • Building 262

  • Building 261

  • Building 260

  • Building 265

  • Building 270