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Live now: New WA COVID-19 App

Published: 11th January 2022

The State Government has launched a new, free COVID-19 safety app titled, ServiceWA. 

The app will eventually replace the SafeWA app and will allow people to show proof of vaccination, check-in at businesses and venues with SafeWA and access their G2G Pass for interstate travel - all in one convenient place.

It also helps people access important COVID-19 information, including how to prepare your household for COVID-19, where to get tested, where to get vaccinated and exposure location sites.

For now, you can continue to use the SafeWA app to check-in at venues, but the app will eventually become out of date in the near future.

ServiceWA can be downloaded from the following links where you can follow the prompts to properly set up:

For more information about the ServiceWA app, visit or phone 13 33 WA (13 33 92).

It’s advised that you set aside at least 30 minutes to complete this new process.