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Murdoch’s approach to mask exemptions

Published: 21st March 2022

Under the current government directions, all students and staff must wear a mask indoors or outside where physical distancing is not possible on campus.


If you have a medical mask exemption, you must be able to provide evidence as per WA Government guidance.

Your exemption certificate can be shown to your tutor and unit coordinators, who will make a note that you have a valid exemption. If your certificate contains medical information you do not wish to share, you can head over to the University Medical Service and see one of the nursing staff.  

The nurse will review your certificate, record your student number and provide a statement confirming evidence has been provided that a valid exemption in place and that you are not required to wear a mask – you will then need to share this statement with your tutor and unit coordinators. 

We recognise it may be difficult being repeatedly asked to wear a face covering. To help address this, we are providing optional proof of exemption lanyards that can be worn on campus. 

Optional proof of exemption

Staff and students with medical exemptions have access to optional exemption lanyard to identify themselves as having a mask exemption. This is to minimise the likelihood of being approached about not wearing a mask. However, some individuals may opt to carry their medical exemption certificate with them instead, rather than being easily identifiable.

To receive an exemption card, present your medical exemption to the Access & Inclusion Team, University Counselling Service, or Medical Service team who will record your student number (to confirm provision if required).  

Quick overview of process 

Obtain a medical mask exemption certificate from your usual doctor. 


Provide a copy of this certificate – or a statement from the University Medical Service – to your tutor and unit coordinator. 


If you are interested in a proof of exemption card, present your medical exemption to the Access & Inclusion Team, University Counselling Service, or Medical Service.  

Guidelines on mask wearing 

For more information on the current mask wearing requirements, visit the WA Government website. While it may seem common sense, there are guidelines on how to put on, take off and wear your face mask safely. It’s also important to wear your mask correctly, ensuring both your nose and mouth are covered.