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International Student Meet-ups

From: 10:00 AM, 16 MAY 2022 To: 11:00 AM, 26 MAY 2022 Website: Register now Add to Calendar:

New to Murdoch or find yourself still a bit lost and needing some direction? Join us for campus tours, games, food, and Q&A with current Murdoch students. 

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All sessions are run by two of our Group Leaders (GLs) who are friendly and knowledgeable fellow MU students. 

For Trimester 2 New Arrivals:

Ever wondered "How do I join a club?" "where's a good holiday spot to visit in the trimester break?" "how do I print something in the library?" "I'm feeling homesick, is there someone I can talk to?" "what's a quokka?" This 2 hour meet-up is intended for new arrivals to Perth and Murdoch University. The meet-up is a chance to talk about many of the basics of getting life started in Perth and MU. This session includes:

  • Free Stuff
  • Guided Campus Tour
  • Information handouts
  • Informal Question and Answer Time
  • Games and Activities

Or learn more about: Academic support services, public transport, shopping tips, social events at Murdoch, The Student Guild, clubs and volunteering, counselling, the medical centre, Access and Inclusion, well-being and equity, and more!

Multiple dates available @ out front of the library:

  • Monday, 16 May 10am-12pm
  • Tuesday, 17 May 10am-12pm
  • Monday, 23 May 10am-12pm
  • Tuesday, 24 May 10am-12pm

For Semester 2 Current Students:

Have you been in Perth for a while but are feeling a bit lost or are you struggling to find your feet? This session is for you! We understand that some international students were overwhelmed during orientation—or even arrived after Semester 1 orientation happened and may have had to figure out a lot of things by themselves. There might still be some questions you'd like to ask or would simply like a place to meet new people. This 1 hour meet-up assumes you have some knowledge of Perth but intends to provide some guidance, friendship, and fill in any knowledge gaps you might have about MU services. It includes:

  • Free Stuff
  • Informal Question and Answer Time
  • Games and Activities
  • Optional Campus tour

Multiple dates available, @ 450.3.079:

  • Thursday, 19 May 10am-11am
  • Thursday, 26 May 10am-11am

Please email us if you have any questions. 

Contact: The Access, Wellbeing & Equity team Email: