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Meditation and Cacao @ The Den

Date: 01 JUN 2022 Time: 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM Location: Winter Garden with The Den Add to Calendar:

The Access Wellbeing and Equity team are committed to supporting students maintain their health and wellbeing.

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Join us every week at The Den for activities to help your wellbeing including, free gym classes, crafternoons, games, relaxing teas, or come and chat with one of our staff about how you’re travelling.

This week, to help students de-stress prior to exams, the AW&E team has partnered with local business, InStil Wellbeing to offer an engaging meditation practice focussed on enjoying a warm cup of cacao.

Beginners and experienced meditators alike are welcome – come and enhance your meditation practice while slowing yourself down and enjoying the present moment!