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Be a part of the new Wayfinding innovation for Murdoch

Published: 17th June 2022

Murdoch Maps is undergoing an exciting transformation. We are introducing MazeMap, a new mapping and Wayfinding solution to better support our students, staff and visitors navigate their way around campus.

MazeMap 630x380

MazeMappers needed to verify our new maps

We are currently looking for 30 enthusiastic and energetic people to verify the accuracy of our new maps around our South Street Campus. 

You will be sent a URL of a map to your mobile or tablet and be required to follow the map and walk around your designated area. 

In your walk, you will also check the outdoor and indoor paths where accessible, to ensure they are consistent with what has been uploaded into MazeMap.

You will also note down any inaccuracies of the map and take photos of the location, during your walk.

We have separated the South Street campus into 15 sections. You can view the first 14 sections here and the last section here

Two participants will be allocated to review each section. On completion, the project team will use Google Maps and other mapping tools to validate the maps.

How will I be rewarded? 

Your valuable involvement will be rewarded with a $50 book voucher, upon submission of your feedback form and photos.

When is this happening?

The map testing will be conducted from 27 June. 

What do I need to do?

Register you interest now to explore Murdoch and be involved in this exciting experience.

Email your contact details to: