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Textbook lists now available via My Unit Readings

Published: 26th July 2022

My Unit Readings is the place to find textbooks for your units, along with essential and recommended readings set by your unit coordinators.

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To find textbooks required for your unit, simply access your unit reading list via MyMurdoch or search for your unit via My Unit Readings. When you find the reading list for your unit, you may see items with the label ‘Essential textbook’, amongst your unit/course readings.

Where possible, the Library will have essential and recommended textbooks available as either a print or ebook. Availability of textbooks via the Library cannot be guaranteed due to limited print copies or online access licenses. Click ‘Available online’ for immediate access or ‘Check availability’ to see if a print version is available for loan from our High Demand Collection. See example of a textbook in My Unit Readings.

If you choose to purchase the textbook, you can use ‘The School Locker’, the University’s textbook partner. Click on ‘The School Locker’ link to confirm availability and price. You can also search directly using unit code.

Alternatively, Perlego may provide access to the textbook if you sign up to their paid subscription service. Please check your unit reading lists before considering Perlego as some textbooks may have limited availability or may provide the access you require.

You can also choose to purchase textbooks from various other textbook providers or check The Secondhand Bookstore at The Guild.

The Library works with unit coordinators to ensure booklists in My Unit Readings are as accurate as possible. However, you may wish to confirm details with your unit coordinator directly before purchasing textbooks. We also recommend comparing total textbook costs between The School Locker and Perlego each semester to ensure you get cost effective access to textbooks.