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Student support services: everything you need to know

Published: 7th October 2022

University is exciting and rewarding but can be challenging at times. Looking after your well-being while studying is essential for success, and we all need a helping hand sometimes.

Study support 630x380

Murdoch understands the many challenges faced by students and offers various support to help you in your student journey.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and need:

  • some extra study support,
  • someone to chat to,
  • assistance with tenancy and accommodation,
  • food and other essentials,

Help is always available. Check out the different free services available for students across all schools and programs.

myMurdoch ADVICE– your first point of contact

We can’t over-emphasise how important they are to your university journey. Our student success advisors can give advice about your study, wellbeing, how to get the most out of your university journey and help with a range of questions and concerns.

They are your first point of contact for support so if you’re ever in doubt, reach out to a Student Success Advisor or someone at one of our myMurdoch Advice locations for help with a range of questions or concerns. 

LocationsLibrary, Boola Katitjin, and Mandurah

Hours: Weekdays 8:30am – 4:30pm

Phone: (08) 9360 6889


Peer support

Sometimes you need advice from someone who has been in your shoes, which is why our Peer Academic Coaches and PASS leaders are so helpful.

Our Peer Academic Coaches (PACs) are successful students who offer free and individualised 20-minute drop-in or online consultations for all Murdoch students, while Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are study groups for specific (challenging) units.

Murdoch Student Guild

Want to get involved in campus life and meet people with a shared interest? Check out the Murdoch Guild’s Clubs and Societies. There are over 100 clubs and societies to choose from, and if you have a new idea for a club, you can start your own!

Student Assist is a free support and advocacy service run by Murdoch Guild that offers assistance to students with tenancy and accommodation, referral information, food and other essential needs.

De-stress at The Den

From Monday to Thursday in the Winter Garden, join the Access, Wellbeing, and Equity team for a chance to connect and de-stress. Play outdoor games, board games, express yourself through art, or just have a cup of tea and pat our counselling dogs while you meet new friends.

All activities are brought to you for free. Learn more here or email us

Access & Inclusion

Murdoch University’s Access & Inclusion service helps to support students with disability, physical or mental health conditions, or who are carers for someone with disability, to enable equal participation in study. Support is tailored to your specific needs and may include coursework and exam support.

Free Counselling Services

The Murdoch University Health Counselling Service is a team of experienced counsellors who provide a confidential and free service to students with a wide range of personal, psychological and study-related issues.

Medical service

Murdoch University Medical Service has a dedicated multidisciplinary team providing services and advice to promote the well-being of the Murdoch community.

They are here for all students’ general health needs and questions, providing expert help in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

Disclosing discrimination, harassment and assault

University students who have experienced or witnessed sexual or non-sexual assault and harassment or discrimination are encouraged, when they feel ready, to disclose an SHSO in the Access, Wellbeing and Equity (AWE) team. Disclosures can be made online via incident notification form or via the Murdoch Safe App.

All disclosures may be made anonymously if you wish to do so. However, the University may be limited in how it can respond if the information is de-identified. However, the more detail you provide, the more we will be able to investigate and offer the appropriate follow-up.


You can find here an extensive list of Murdoch University support services and specific tips and support services for international students.