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Campus to Startup: A Double Major

Date: 24 FEB 2023 Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Location: Launchpad (Level 3, Geoffrey Bolton Library) Website: Register online Add to Calendar:

'We're all familiar with the 'uni drop-out turns billionaire' trope. But who to say you can't have it all?

Campus Startup

Striving for academic excellence while setting up the next big thing in the startup scene, these students are doing just that. From healthtech, blockchain, to agritech, and intersecting sustainability with education, Murdoch Launchpad proudly presents a panel featuring four exceptional student-entrepreneurs. Each with their own distinct project, all have graduated from our Academy program.

Aiming to provide a platform for young entrepreneurial talents as part of their university experience, tune in for exclusive insights on how to balance work-life-study, reimagine the role of education, and above all learn how to maximise your impact with the limited resources you have as a young person.

Moderating the panel is our entrepreneur-in-residence, Jeremy Chetty. 

Food and beverages will be provided, as well as networking opportunities and exclusive insights of upcoming events from Launchpad in Semester 1, 2023.