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Australian Defence Force Support Program - Balance study with your ADF commitments

Published: 23rd February 2023

Murdoch University has a program to assist Defence Force Members (including Reservists) to balance their ADF commitments with their studies so they can complete a degree while in the Defence Force.


Your liaison officer can assists you from the time of entry through to your graduation. They can support you to access benefits and liaise with academic staff on your behalf so you can balance your ADF obligations and study commitments.

The liaison officer is available to make sure students know what options are available, how to access them and act on their behalf. These may include:

  • credit for study you have completed at other institutions
  • flexible learning options such as changing study mode, online catch-up class recordings and other online resources
  • alternative arrangements for exams
  • deferred assessments and assignment extensions
  • approved leave to take a break from your studies for up to four semesters.

Visit our web page for more information.