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Peer Academic Coaches can help you get the best start to your semester!

Published: 22nd March 2023

Getting great assignment results starts with good academic skills and habits. Peer Academic Coaches (PACs) offer free and personalised 20-minute consultations to help you learn the tools to improve your academic performance.

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PACs are students who are excelling in their own studies and have been chosen by the university to share their tips with other students. They can provide you with coaching on a range of things such as organisation skills, assignment planning, researching, referencing, and structure. They can’t give you the answers for your assignments or proofread your work for you, but they can help teach you the skills to succeed.

You can visit a PAC at three locations on the South Street Campus – at Central (in the Library, Level 3) or at the East or West red sea containers (on opposite ends of the Boulevard). Alternatively, you can log in to the PAC Online Portal for virtual help.  

Visit the Peer Academic Coaches webpage to learn more about how PACs can help you and how to prepare for a consultation.