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New food retailers across campus

Published: 17th March 2023

Are you a sushi lover? Kebab enthusiast? Enjoy a delicious coffee? You’re in luck!

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We are pleased to welcome several new food and beverage retailers to campus this year. 


Now open on Level 3 of Boola Katitjin (the boardwalk side), Sushia will be providing all their ever-popular selection of chicken, fish and seafood sushi boxes, tempura, salmon, vegetable hand rolls, salads, poke bowls, bento boxes, donburi, miso soup and drinks.  

Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm. 

People Café  

Located in the Welcome Space (Level 1) of Boola Katitjin, Peoples Cafe will be your ‘go to’ espresso bar for all things coffee, pastries, wraps and snacks. Drop in on your way to campus from Discovery Way. Sushia and People Café are related (brother and sister), so their fabulous coffee can be bought from the takeaway window at Sushia as well.  

Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm. 

Kebab and Pizza Garden 

Situated next to IGA Express on the external of the Student Hub, you’ll soon be able to enjoy a selection of freshly cooked kebabs. Served with lettuce, tomato and onion with your choice of two sauces, you can’t go wrong.  

For pizza lovers they have several options including meat lovers, vegetarian, pepperoni, Doner and Hawaiian.  Plus, with the winter months approaching, who doesn’t love a steaming bowl of pasta carbonara, napoli or gnocchi.   

For something sweet, you need to try their home-made baklava with pistachio or walnuts. 

Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm.

Triage Café  

With no pun intended given they are situated in the Nursing precinct, we welcome Triage Café to the Murdoch Campus. Located in B126 Mini Student Hub, they are ready for your early morning coffee hit. 

Another Student Guild run venue; they will provide a full offering of: 

  • Hot Beverages: coffee, tea, hot chocolate. 
  • Cold Beverages: carbonated drinks, flavoured milks, fresh juices, bottled water, iced cold dripped coffee, milk shakes, health-based smoothies. 
  • Confection: health bars, chocolate bars, mints, cookies, general confection offering. 
  • Cold Food: daily supply of wrapped ready to go items including a selection of healthy wraps, sandwiches, rolls, panini’s, focaccia rolls, Turkish bread wraps, pre-packaged salads, sushi, Vietnamese Nigiri / Gun Kan, muffins, fresh fruit and pastry selections. 
  • Hot Food: toasted sandwiches, rolls, pre-packaged meals for re-heating.  

Open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 4pm. 

Spice Express 

And finally, for those who love Seafood Mee Goreng, Nasi Lemak and Chicken Wings, Soto Ayam Egg Noodles or Nasi Goreng, you’ll need to try Spice Express.  

They are located in B452 in the beautiful outdoor eating area of The Ref.  You can order online for quick service: Spice Express 

Opening Hours: 

Tuesday to Fridays: 10am - 2pm 

Saturday: 9am - 2pm 

Sunday & Monday: Closed