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A place for every student at Boola Katitjin

Published: 28th August 2023

There are so many spaces and places in Boola Katitjin to discover, use and make your own. All students are welcome. We encourage you to use these areas for learning, studying, completing group work and meeting friends on campus.

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Whether you are looking for a quiet space to study, a room to prepare and practice your presentation or a place to catch up, you are welcome to settle in and make Boola Katitjin work for you.

Student Hall

You may be familiar with the Student Hall – those great bustling spaces along the middle of the learning areas. You’ll find long spacious tables, moveable seating, whiteboards and kitchens. These areas are a hive of activity and always yours to make use of. Please remember to tidy up the kitchen spaces once you have finished using them.

Bring some whiteboard markers! When using this space remember to bring your own whiteboard markers and to clean the board when finished. Each table has a number so you can find and share a meeting spot for your workgroup or friends.

Project rooms

Project rooms are located on levels 2 and 3. These are private spaces that students can book to work in collaboration with up to four peers in person, or with remote collaborators. There are 12 project rooms available on level 2 and two project rooms available on level 3.

Get your booking in and get prepared! You can book your project room via outlook, creating a new calendar event. Choose one of the project room numbers in Building 360 as your meeting location. On the day of your booking, it will show up on the room display panel. If a room is not booked when you get there, you can create a booking using the panel on the door and make it your own.

Laptop Lounge

The Laptop Lounge is where you can get prepped for your next presentation or digital learning experience. It’s on level 1, next to the Computer Lab. If the room is free when you are walking past, you can create a booking at the entry door as you arrive.

Bring your group! You can book exclusive use of this space for your group if you have a joint project you need to work on. If the space is not booked, you can also choose to work alongside others getting their work in order too.

Student portals

There are student portals located on levels 2 and 3. Surrounding the student portals, you will find student kitchen facilities, accessible amenities and informal breakout areas with tables, seating and a collection of digital artworks.

Soak up the views! Move out onto the deck on a sunny day and enjoy elevated views over Banksia Court. These will become your favourite places to catch up, chat and enjoy your university experience with friends.

Student Central

Student Central is now located at Boola Katitjin near the Northern Plaza entry. You can book an appointment with a student advisor or turn up and use the self-serve computers. Come and visit to receive help with everything from enrolments to study, and beyond. From Week 5 of Semester 2 you will also find MyMurdoch Advice located in Student Central, so everything you need is in one place.

Boola Katitjin is a place where every student is welcome, so come in, find your favourite spot and make it your own. Find out more about cafes, artworks and more on the Boola Katitjin web pages.