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Is climate change a national security threat?

Date: 14 SEP 2023 Time: 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM Location: Boola Katatjin 360.1.011 Add to Calendar:

The Sustainable September Seminar Series is a lunchtime seminar featuring a different expert on an area of sustainability, each Thursday in September. The second seminar in the series, 'Is climate change a national security threat?' is presented by Dr Tobias Ide, Senior Lecturer in International Relations.

Tobias Ide - 630x380

Climate change has far-reaching implications for ecosystems and human security. Scholars and policy makers alike have also frequently expressed concerns about climate change undermining national security. In this talk, Dr Ide assesses the security implication of climate change along three core dimensions: climate change increasing armed conflict risks, climate change triggering mass migration, and climate change undermining military readiness.

About the speaker

Tobias Ide is Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at Murdoch University and Specially Appointed Professor for Peace and Sustainability at Hiroshima University. He has widely published on the intersections of environmental and security issues, including in Nature Climate Change, International Security, and Nature Human Behaviour. Recently, he consulted NATO, the United Nations, and the World Bank on climate change and security.