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Sustainable September: Opportunities for the energy transition

Date: 22 SEP 2023 Time: 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM Location: 360.1.011 Add to Calendar:

The Sustainable September Seminar Series is a lunchtime seminar featuring a different expert on an area of sustainability each week in September. The third seminar in the series features Dr Martin Anda, Academic Chair of Environmental Engineering, who is asking the question: 'Indonesia, Collie and 117 Aboriginal homeland communities in WA – what do they have in common?' as he explores Opportunities for the energy transition.

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There are 117 Aboriginal homeland communities in WA that are running on fossil diesel power stations, 16 coal-fired power stations across Australia (4 are in Collie WA) and some 200 very large coal power stations across Indonesia. What do all of these communities have in common and how are they faring on the journey of the energy transition? This presentation will consider some unique and novel opportunities supporting the energy transition that will create new jobs from new industries.

About the speaker

Dr Martin Anda is an environmental engineer with over 30 years of experience in the energy, water and resource recovery sectors since completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree at UWA. He earned his PhD at Murdoch University and became Director of the UNEP Environmental Technology Centre, now chairing the Environmental Engineering program. Martin serves as the Theme Leader Circular Economy at the university’s Harry Butler Institute, where he manages postgraduate researchers on a range of renewable energy, water and waste management related projects. His current projects include the development of the first commercialised low-carbon geopolymer concrete products manufacturing facility (Colliecrete) in Collie, Western Australia.