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Climate activism and ecotage: how far should environmental protest go?

Date: 16 OCT 2023 Time: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM Location: Boola Katijin - Creative Workshop - Level 1 Room 011 Website: Reserve a spot Add to Calendar:

Why aren’t we all eco-warriors? Can eco-sabotage ever be justified?

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There’s a long tradition in philosophy discussing the use of civil disobedience for political goals. What is permissible when it comes to climate protests and activism? Is it ok to damage revered art works for a greater cause? Does it go too far to protest outside the private home of the CEO of a major fossil fuel company?

Another – even older - tradition in philosophy (and theology) ponders the justifiability of political violence. The so-called Just War Tradition has influenced International Law from the Geneva Conventions to the Doctrine of Responsibility to Protect (R2P). In the face of runaway global warming and dangerous climate change many fear that our political systems are not apt for addressing the current crisis and averting looming disaster. Are more radical means required? Would fighting for radical climate action be a case of ‘justified’ political violence? Or would it take things too far?

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Join us for a panel discussion with climate activists, students, and academics on this hotly debated issue. The panel debate is organised by the Murdoch Philosophy Program and students of the unit PHL211 Environmental Justice as part of Global Climate Change Week at Murdoch University.

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