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"Building the Technological State: Technology and Politics in the New Order Indonesia"

Date: 03rd July 2013
Time: 14:00 PM - 17:00 PM

Location: McCusker Conference Room, Health Research Centre, South Street Campus

Join Dr. Sulfikar Amir of Singapore's Nanyang Technological University as he discusses the impact of rapid technological development on Indonesia's political economy. Following the presentation, join us for a free screening of the documentary Nuklir Jawa. This thought-provoking film depicts the debate and controversy surrounding Indonesia’s desires to build nuclear power station in Central Java.

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Building the Technological State: Technology and Politics in the New Order Indonesia

Dr. Sulfikar Amir of Nanyang Technological University will explore the concept of “technological state” to describe how technology and power are reinforced in the pursuit of developmental goals.

Focusing on Indonesia's developmental experience, this presentation discusses the formation of technological state during the New Order era, highlighting the co-constitution of high technology and authoritarian politics. It examines the institutional structure and high-technology production, more specifically the state-owned aircraft industry that constituted the core of technological state in the New Order Indonesia.

The presentation also discusses the political structure that underpinned the New Order technological state and how it was shattered by globalization forces during the 1997-8 Asian Crisis.    

The seminar will run from 2:00 until 3:30pm, with the documentary Nuklir Jawa scheduled to run until 5:00pm. All are welcome.

Contact: Ms Sia Kozlowski
Phone: 9360 2263