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National Hoodie Day Barbecue!

Date: 30th August 2013
Time: 12:30 PM - 14:30 PM

Location: Kulbardi Indigenous Centre, South Street Campus

Come have a barbie and celebrate National Hoodie Day with AIME. Simply come dressed in your AIME hoodie and join us for: - Free food (kanga burgers/normal burgers/vegie burgers + damper) - Photo booth! - AIME art - Games - Music Where: The grassy bit outside the Koolbardi Indigenous Centre When: 12.30pm on Friday 30th August (the Friday of the Week 5 study break)

ALSO, we will be watching videos of the Year 11/12 mentees “Other Election” Speeches. Help us vote for who you think should be our first Indigenous PM! The mentees who produce the top 10 speeches will be flown to Sydney to professionally record their speeches at Foxtel Studios!

If you would like to get one of new 2013 AIME hoodies and haven’t already done so, you can order it online here: .Order now to get in time for National Hoodie Day!
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See you on National Hoodie Day!

The Murdoch AIME team