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New exam ‘Exam Conduct Cards’ system

Published: 28th October 2019

During the upcoming Semester 2 2019 exam period, the Exams team will implement a new ‘Exam Conduct Cards' system to minimise disruptions.


During exams, students are expected to behave appropriately so the exam runs smoothly. It is unacceptable to:

  • engage in unfair or dishonest practice
  • engage in disruptive behaviours
  • possess unauthorised materials including mobile phone
  • communicate and share answers with other students
  • leave your seat without permission
  • share stationery or exam aids
  • disrespect the exam invigilators’ instructions
  • argue with the exam invigilator
  • leave the venue with exam materials.

In the upcoming Semester 2 exam period, we're introducing a new ‘Exam Conduct cards' system, where exam invigilators hand out cards to students who are behaving suspiciously and/or inappropriately during exams.

There are three different colour cards, green, yellow and red.

  • Green Warning Cards
    • The student can continue with exam and no report will be made.
  • Yellow Infringement Cards
    • The student can continue with the exam but an incident report will be completed and forwarded to the appropriate unit coordinator and investigator.
    • Your unit coordinator or a college representative will be in touch with you after they receive the report.
  • Red Eviction Cards
    • Indicate termination of the exam.
    • The student must stop writing, leave all exam materials on the desk, pack up their belongings quietly and leave the exam venue.
    • An incident report will be completed and forwarded to the appropriate unit coordinator and investigator.
    • The Exams Office will be in touch with the student within three University business days.

The cards are not issued in order of green, yellow and red. They are issued as appropriate to the behaviour. Students who receive a card during their exam are required to remain silent and not to engage in a discussion with the exam invigilators so to not disrupt other students in the exam venue.

If you have any questions about this new system, please contact The Student Centre.

You can find more information about exams on our webpage. Good luck with your upcoming exams!