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UniSport Lockdown League

Published: 13th May 2020

Think you can make the best basketball trick shot? Do you fancy yourself a pro at doing planks?

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The Lockdown League is your chance to prove it – and get involved in a bit of healthy competition with other universities at the same time.

Run by UniSport Australia, the Lockdown League challenges all university staff, students and alumni from across Australian and New Zealand to get involved in some fun and competitive online challenges.

You just need to join the Lockdown League Facebook group to take part.

How it works

Each week, UniSport will post a challenge on the Lockdown League Facebook group.  

The first challenge is a slam dunk competition. Don't have a ball? No worries. You can use anything from around the house, just don’t forget to show off some skill, flair and creativity.

To enter, participants simply need to post a video in response to the challenge in the Facebook comment thread or on Instagram by tagging @unisportau. Don’t forget to say you’re from Murdoch so it counts towards our points total. For each video posted, Murdoch receives one point.   

There’s also a bonus category, which will change each week. For the slam dunk challenge, the entry wearing the best outfit will receive an extra three points for their university.

And even if you don’t post a video, you can help get Murdoch points. The most ‘liked’ video each week earns five points.

A league table will be created and posted after each week.

We know Murdoch is up for the challenge! You might just say, the win will be a slam dunk.