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Class Sign Up FAQs: Semester 2, 2020

Published: 27th May 2020

Class sign up for Semester 2, 2020 has been designed in preparation for a safe and gradual return to campus, as soon as Government distancing restrictions allow.

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As always, you only need to complete class sign up for internal units.

The Academic Safety Net will continue to protect your Grade Point Average (GPA) in Semester 2, 2020, allowing you to focus on achieving the best possible grades.

Not sure which mode of study you should enrol in for your unit? We've created this quick reference guide, to help you decide which mode will suit you best.


When does Semester 2 class sign up open?

Semester 2, 2020 class sign up opens on Wednesday 3 June 2020 at 9:00am (AWST).

What units have class sign up?
All units in internal study mode have class sign up. Units in internal study mode are coded ‘D’ when you enrol in MyInfo.

Class sign up will open on Wednesday 3 June for all teaching periods running during the second half of the year including Semester 2, Semester 2 Nursing and Semester 2 Education.

What is happening with classes in Semester 2?

All lectures will run online for the whole of Semester 2. For all other classes, such as tutorials, workshops, labs and studios, some internal units will have on-campus and online class locations available for class sign up:

  • For many units, you will have the option to sign up to an on-campus location for your classes, however this is only in preparation should Government restrictions on physical distancing be relaxed. You will attend these classes online until on-campus classes are permitted.
  • For some units, you will have an online class location available. If an online class location is available for your unit and you choose this option, the class will remain online for the whole semester. This is different to external study, which is mostly self-contained and independent.

What about placements, internships, work integrated learning (WIL) and units with overseas travel?

Students who are enrolled in placement units that are an accreditation requirement of your course will receive specific communication from your Academic Chair, Unit Coordinator or Placement Officer.

Where placement units are available as elective options, eligible students can expect to receive communication shortly to confirm which teaching periods these units will be made available.

Outbound student travel, including exchange, study abroad, short courses and internship activities, remains suspended until 1 December 2020. 


Internal units (on-campus or online) and external units

For my internal units, should I choose an on-campus or online class location?

  • If you'd like to return to campus when Government distancing is relaxed, we suggest you choose an on-campus class location.
  • If you are unable to return or prefer not to return to campus, we suggest you choose an online class location.

Please note, not all classes will have both options available.

What is the difference between internal units with online classes and external units?

External units are coded ‘X’ when you enrol in MyInfo. They are designed for self-contained and independent study, and do not require class sign up. If you are an international student, please note there are limitations on enrolling in external units.

While most external units have no requirement for on-campus attendance, some science and education units do require scheduled on-campus sessions. These details are included in the University Handbook, and you will be advised of arrangements closer to the date.

I have enrolled in an internal unit but can’t get to campus for Semester 2, do I need to cancel or change my enrolment to external? 

We suggest you keep your unit enrolment in internal mode because most internal units will have online class options available for class sign up.

If you find you do not have an online class option available during class sign up, you can check with your Unit Coordinator if there is another option to complete the unit online. You will be able to change to external study mode until week 2 of Semester 2, if this option is available.

What if the class I want to attend (on-campus or online) is showing as full?  

If the on-campus or online class option/s are showing as full, please contact your Unit Coordinator and they will be able to assist you to get a spot in an on-campus or online class. 

If I select an online class option, can I change my mind later in the semester and attend on campus? 

If you select an online class location and you would like to change to an on-campus class should Government restrictions on distancing be relaxed, we recommend you contact your Unit Coordinator. Please note on-campus classes have capacity restrictions and changing to an on-campus class may not be possible.

My unit doesn’t appear to have an online class option, what can I do?  

Please contact your Unit Coordinator if you are unable to attend on-campus classes, and there is no online class option available. Your Unit Coordinator will advise if there is another option to complete the unit online.

If my unit only has an online class location option, with no on-campus class options, does this mean I need to change my enrolment to external mode? 

No, online classes in internal units are different to the external mode of a unit. Online classes are run by a tutor at a specific time. You need to select the online class option during class sign up and participate in the online class at the given time (as you usually would be required to do studying in an internal unit).

I have enrolled into a unit in external study mode, how do I register for an online class? 

Class registration is only for units in internal study mode.

The online class listed is only for students studying the internal mode of the unit, and it is not part of the external mode of the unit. External units do not have class sign up as are they are designed for self-contained and independent study.

Unit coordinators will advise you on how and when to access content for the external offering in due time.

I have enrolled in an external unit, but would like to change to the internal unit mode now that an online class option is available – can I do this? 

Yes, you can change your units from external mode to internal mode (and vice versa) in the Self-enrolment section of MyInfo until the end of Week 2. Please note, not all units are offered in internal and external study mode, please check the University Handbook.

Help and support

I’m unable to see any units in Class Sign Up, what should I do?

Please ensure that you have successfully enrolled into a unit within MyInfo, and that the teaching period for the unit is available for Class Sign Up. You can only do class sign up for units in internal study mode.

There are unavoidable class clashes between my units, what should I do?

Please notify your Unit Coordinator/s of this issue to see if there is a way around the class clash.

What do I do if I am unable to log into MyInfo/Class Sign Up?

If you are experiencing issues with your log-in details, please reset your password. Alternatively, you may also get in contact with the IT Service Desk.

I need advice choosing my units and classes, can I talk to anyone for help?

For general class sign up advice, please contact The Student Centre by phone on 1300 687 3624 or email For advice planning your units and discussing your study options, please contact myMurdoch Advice.