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Free resource to give your employability a boost

Published: 9th September 2021

Discover, explore and engage.

Boost your employability

Did you know you have access to a suite of modules to help you with:

  • study and career choices
  • finding experience
  • writing job applications and interview preparation.

Self-enrol in Boost your Employability and select the interactive module to suit your needs anytime, anywhereThe “how to” employability modules can be found in EXTRA RESOURCES on myMurdoch Learning (LMS). Work through the content or jump to the workbook pages you need for the latest tips and tricks.

Need help with your study and career choices? Select ....

  1. Discover - You and career ideas module.

Need help with finding and learning from experience? Select ...

  1. Explore - Find and learn from experience module.

Need help with job application writing and interview preparation? Select ...

  1. Engage - Compete in the job market module.

Disclaimer: Content within each of the modules has been written within the context of the Australian job market and work culture. See below for additional local careers support services.  

Careers and Employability Team