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Maintaining academic integrity throughout your studies

Published: 7th October 2021

Maintaining integrity in your academic work is an extremely important aspect of your studies. As a Murdoch University student, it is important you are aware of your requirements and know where you can go for support and advice.

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File-sharing websites and contract cheating

File-sharing websites are often used to share unit materials and study notes online. Some sites even offer 'contract cheating' services.

The use of these websites is a breach of Murdoch University’s student code of conduct. Sharing unit materials may also breach the Copyright Act, as these materials are the intellectual property of Murdoch University. Additionally, legislation from the Australian Government has deemed the operation of many of these websites to be illegal.

We have also heard instances of students who have made use of ‘contract cheating’ services being blackmailed – both shortly after the work was submitted and years later – with threats to disclose their past cheating to their university and future employer.

What should I do?

It is extremely important you do not participate in the use of these websites and services for your assignments, exams or other assessment work – including posting assessment questions or reviewing answers – as this may result in academic misconduct penalties.

If you have uploaded any Murdoch University course materials to a file-sharing website, you are required to remove the shared materials immediately. Failure to remove shared materials will put you at risk of investigation for academic misconduct, which can result in failure in a unit and may lead to suspension from your studies.

Where to get support

If you need support with your studies, we are here to help. There are many free services and resources available, including after-hours and online support:

  • Your unit coordinators can provide advice and guidance on unit content and assessment requirements.
  • You can access assessment feedback and subject-specific live chat advice through Studiosity.
  • The library has a broad range of tools and resources for researching and referencing in assignments, including advice on copyright.
  • You can self-enrol in the Communications Skills Toolkit for resources to help you improve your academic writing, grammar, teamwork, speaking, reading, and notetaking skills.
  • Students studying onshore in Australia can also contact myMurdoch Advice for advice on all aspects of their studies, with Peer Academic Coaches on hand to help you plan and progress through your assessments both in-person and online.

Completing MAP100

We encourage you to ensure you are familiar with the Murdoch Academic Passport (MAP100).

MAP100 is a compulsory online unit that helps you with your studies by providing an overview of academic integrity at Murdoch University. It covers the fundamental aspects of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility.

If you have not already done so, you must complete this unit in your first teaching period. If you have already completed this unit, we encourage you to complete a refresher.

For more information, please visit the MAP100 website.

Further information and support

For further advice and support about academic integrity, please contact:

If you would like to know more about Murdoch University’s policies on intellectual property and copyright, please contact the University Copyright Coordinator.