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New student led podcast: Follow The Rabbit Hole.

Published: 23rd March 2022

Follow the Rabbit Hole, Minh Hoang.

Rabbit Hole

We're raw, we're honest and we're not afraid to talk about the hard stuff.

Our podcast, titled ‘Follow the Rabbit Hole’, is a brand-new podcast brought to you by students, for students. The pod uncovers the rocky road hidden underneath the mantras of ‘chase your dreams’ and ‘follow your heart’. It’s also a show about how curiosity, conviction, and courage shape the stories of these youths.

In this first season, Politics and Business student Minh Hoang, interviews:

  • A freelance graphic designer who is upgrading sexual harm reporting systems using tech solutions
  • A sleep-deprived, Business student who is installing sleeping pods for other students while advocating for sleep hygiene
  • An organiser of youth-centric, multidisciplinary exhibitions that highlight marginalised artists
  • A meme prodigy who has designed a virtual space to create, share and find events
  • A casual guitarist who produces sustainable concrete from industrial waste
  • AND the youngest Senator in the history of Australian Parliament

Every single one of these featured guests are exceptional and is changing the world in a certain way. If you’re ready to free your think, follow us down the rabbit hole -

We're all about amplifying student voices but Murdoch University Launchpad does not necessarily share the views of the students on the podcast.