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Dubai Enrolment Portal Opens - Sunday 15th December at 10 am

Published: 13th December 2019

Get ready for the January Trimester 2020! Dubai Enrolment Portal will open on Sunday 15th December at 10 am.

Online Enrolment Guide

Online enrolment is done through the Dubai student portal which is accessible under the ‘Current Student’ section on the Murdoch Dubai website. It is also accessible directly through the following link: Please refer to the Online Enrolment Guide provided to you for a step-by-step guide on how to complete online enrolment.


Please contact the Student and Academic Services team at orientation if you wish to change your course and/or units. Please be aware of the timelines and census dates associated with unit or course withdrawals. These are stated in the online enrolment guide.


Please follow the study plan issued to you to plan your enrolment every trimester. Any variations to the study plan may impact your progression and course completion date.

Good luck with your study in TJD 2020!