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Students as Change Agents Program 2020

Published: 14th February 2020

The Students as Change Agents program is an initiative that enables, supports and funds students to propose and lead projects that explore innovative ideas to enhance the educational experience at Murdoch University.

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Do you have an idea to create positive change at Murdoch University? Apply now for the 2020 Students as Change Agents Program.

Applications are currently open to all enrolled Murdoch University students (including international, domestic, undergraduate and postgraduate students) to propose an idea to create positive change at the University.

Students are encouraged to align their idea to one of the following themes, representing current areas of focus for the University:

  • Supporting student success and wellbeing

  • Enhancing our physical and digital learning spaces

  • Offering an innovative curriculum and real-world learning opportunities

  • Ensuring equity, inclusion and social justice

Students can submit an application as an individual or as a group. If you would like to discuss your idea prior to applying, contact the Program Coordinator, Sarah Rasmussen, to have a chat or to be put in touch with a relevant member of staff who can assist in developing your idea.

The Program:

The Students as Change Agents Program is a co-curricular program that allows students to propose, lead and implement a project that aims to create positive change at the University. Following the application stage, the program runs from March to November with students working on developing and implementing their idea with support from the program and University staff. Through the program, students will:

  • Work alongside staff at the university to realise their idea, including having a dedicated staff mentor and access to a network of supportive staff who act as program advocates.

  • Develop their idea into a project plan that can be implemented at the University, and work towards implementing the project.

  • Join a network of other students interested in making a positive impact on the educational experience at Murdoch University.

  • Receive up to $1500 of project funding to be put towards implementing their project or attending and presenting on their project at a local or national conference.

  • Receive an honorarium payment (scholarship) of up to $3000, or $3500 for groups, dependant on the scale of the project.

  • Practically apply and develop a wide range of skills and attributes, including communication, negotiation, critical and creative thinking, time management, presentation skills, project management, initiative, and much more.

  • Receive training and support through the program to support you in your role as a Student Change Agent.

The Benefits:

The opportunities provided by the Students as Change Agents Program are as wide-reaching as the projects you may complete, and the benefits may extend to you, the University staff you work with, other students, and the wider University community. To summarise, you may benefit from the practical opportunity to work on a project and gain a new perspective and understanding of the University and your role within it, staff may benefit from gaining insight into your unique student perspective, and the wider University community may benefit from the relevant and positive change you create!

Apply now: