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Ouriginal is the new Urkund

Published: 8th April 2021

Submitting an assignment? Our plagiarism detection tool, Urkund, is soon to have a new name - Ouriginal.

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Urkund recently joined forces with a similar company, PlagScan, to become Ouriginal, which combines the expertise of both companies.

We will be making the switch to Ouriginal during the LMS maintenance period on Thursday 8 April, 11pm to 11:15pm.

After this time, you’ll notice that your Urkund report will change names to an ‘Ouriginal report’ in myMurdoch Learning (LMS).

Please note the only thing changing is the name. The Ouriginal report will be generated and accessible in the same way you currently access an Urkund report.

Need advice on plagiarism?

For information on academic integrity and why this is important, you can re-visit your Murdoch Academic Passport (MAP100).

Correct and consistent referencing will also assist you to avoid plagiarism in your academic work.

If you need advice, please reach out to a Peer Academic Coach.