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Annual Conflict of Interest Declaration

An Annual Conflict of Interest Declaration is to be completed by all staff members.

This declaration can be completed at the Conflict of Interest page. It would be appreciated if staff members could complete the declaration by 28 February 2018.


The instructions are self-explanatory and basic information on conflicts of interest is stated there.

In addition, you should refer to the University’s Conflict of Interest policy. This policy was approved by Senate and will assist you in understanding your obligations in relation to disclosure of potential, perceived or actual conflicts of interest.


Once you have submitted your declaration this will automatically be sent to your supervisor who will receive an email requesting a review. If you have no interests to declare, nothing further is required.

If you declare any interests, you will need to discuss this with your supervisor so they can then enter a “rating” against the declarations.


The ratings vary according to the steps that may be required to ensure that the risk of conflict arising is appropriately managed. Once again, instructions are provided in the system in relation to this step, but the Audit and Risk Management Office can provide further assistance to you or your supervisor if required.


Should you encounter any difficulties in submitting your declarations please contact the Audit and Risk Management Office at