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Alert: Student tuition fee scam

Published: 12th August 2020

We believe that some students appear to have been the victims of a scam with regards to the payment of their tuition fees.

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The way this scam operates is that students are contacted and offered a discount on their fees if an external company or person pays the fees on their behalf.

In recent cases, the scam has run in the following way:

  • The student gives the external company/person their MyInfo login details.
  • The external company/person logs into MyInfo on their behalf and pays the tuition fees.
  • The student then contacts Murdoch University to confirm that their tuition fees have been paid.
  • Once confirmed, the student pays the external company/person the tuition fee amount less 10%.
  • The financial institution then takes back the external person/company's payment as it was not authorised by the account or card holder.
  • The student owes tuition fees to the University.
  • It is unlikely that students will be able to get a refund on the money paid to the external company/person.

Please be aware that Murdoch University does not partner with any external companies or people that can provide you with a discount on your fees. Also remember that you should never disclose your MyInfo login details. 

Please keep yourself safe from such fraudulent activity and be wary of offers that seem too good to be true. The Australian Government provides cyber safety resources and advice on their eSafety website, the ScamWatch website and the Stay Smart Online page.

If you have been a victim of cybercrime, you can make a report to police through the ReportCyber portal.