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A new learning experience coming to myMurdoch Learning (LMS)

Published: 17th December 2019

If you’re continuing to learn with Murdoch in 2020, you’ll notice a few changes to your unit sites in myMurdoch Learning (LMS) next year.

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These changes reflect the strong feedback from students wanting a more consistent experience across their different unit sites. To help achieve greater consistency, we’ve implemented a new Moodle theme (‘look and feel’) with common elements always located in the same place. While some elements will be consistent, you’ll still find diversity and uniqueness across different units based on the discipline and style of your unit coordinator. When you next connect with myMurdoch Learning (LMS) you’ll be offered an online user tour highlighting some of the key changes.


Your study location will determine when you see these changes.

  • All units commencing after 1 February will have the new theme.
  • Units offered in Singapore, Dubai and Myanmar will have the new theme from the May trimester (January trimester units will have the old theme).
  • Units offered through OUA will have the new theme from the first OUA teaching period of the year.