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New Academic Progression Process in 2023

Published: 8th December 2022

Important changes are being made to academic progression in 2023.

Academic Progression 630x380

Academic progression is how we ensure that you are on track and passing the units you need to graduate. Currently, to successfully progress through your course, you need to pass 50% or more of your units in each progression period (can be semester, trimester or other teaching periods).

What will change?

For all teaching periods commencing in 2023, we will introduce a new academic progression model for all our students. This is being done to help you better understand your progress over the duration of your course and what actions you may need to ensure you keep progressing through your course requirements. This diagram gives an overview of the new process.

Your academic progression will now be monitored over the duration of your course, starting from your 2022 unit enrolment, and the completion rate will be calculated based on your successfully completed units for all attempted units. Different statuses such as satisfactory, precautionary notification and progression intervention will be indicated by different colours and there will be associated actions to be taken to get back on track if you have or are approaching a low completion rate.

Important information for domestic Commonwealth Supported students

The new academic progression model includes the Job-Ready Graduates (JRG) requirements. If you are accessing a Commonwealth Supported Place and/or HELP loans, you are required to maintain a completion rate of 50% or more. If your completion rate drops below 50% you will no longer be able to access Commonwealth Support in your course. You can find more information about JRG here.

When is this happening?

Detailed information and FAQs for the new academic progression process for all students can be found here. The Semester 2 and Trimester 3 2022 results will be finalised in mid-January 2023 and your completion rate will be updated.

If you need progression intervention or are impacted by the JRG low completion rate requirements, you will also receive an individual communication in January 2023.