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Murdoch University’s Indonesia Initiative

Date: 22nd November 2013
Time: 15:00 PM - 16:00 PM

Location: South Street Campus McCusker Conference Room

Murdoch University is involved in a range of activities in Indonesia and has great potential to pursue a dynamic agenda in that country. The Indonesia Initiative was founded in 2012 on the premise that there is a need to develop a concerted university-wide strategy to coordinate and support collaborations and academic linkages in Indonesia.

Investment in this area could generate many benefits, including the enhancement of Murdoch’s reputation in Indonesia and the broader Southeast Asian Region. 

A meeting has been organised to discuss opportunities in Indonesia for Murdoch University and potential strategies, particularly at the School level, to take advantage of them.

Specifically, the Vice Chancellor identified that there is a need to:

•    Put Murdoch back on the radar of Indonesian universities and institutions and to attract larger numbers of Indonesian students, particularly at the postgraduate level.

•    Access funding resources, including those available in Australia to support collaboration and scholarships, but also those newly available in Indonesia as the government puts more emphasis on education and research.

•    Create awareness in Indonesia about Murdoch’s plan to establish a graduate School of Public Policy and International Affairs, but also other areas of expertise relevant to Indonesia’s development problems.

•    Build more systematic links with the Indonesian media to ensure that a better public profile for Murdoch University can be achieved in Indonesia

Each School in MU needs to identify common interests with Faculties within the major Indonesian universities and to position themselves to access resources being made available within Indonesia and Australia for collaboration and training of Indonesian scholars.  Some of the major areas of interest in Indonesia include food security, environmental sustainability, water and land management, public policy, politics and security and veterinary science. 

Please RSVP:

Shivaun MacCarthy


Phone: Ext 2414

Contact: Mrs Shivaun MacCarthy
Phone: 9360 2414