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iPads for learning and teaching in higher education

Date: 07th March 2013
Time: 15:30 PM - 16:30 PM

Location: FTLR 4.040, 4th floor Library

How are these devices being used to enhance learning and teaching? The presenters will look at examples of content used in numerous academic disciplines. Current research will be explored, eBooks and iTunes U resources will be illustrated and various Apps demonstrated.

This series of seminars builds upon the AUC update last year. Since then iPad programmes have rolled out at numerous institutions here in ANZ as well as internationally. The lead presenter will summarise iPad use at institutions such as the University of Western Sydney (11,000 iPads were distributed this year); Medical Schools at Harvard, Manchester, and UC Irvine (where all students are given iPads); The University of Adelaide’s Science Faculty (all first year students have been given iPads for 3 years now); and tertiary institutions in the United Arab Emirates (14,000 iPads were distributed in 2012).

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Contact: Denyse MacNish