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Bye. Gone.

Date: 24th April 2014
Time: 19:00 PM - 20:00 PM

Location: Drama Workshop/Studio

Second Chance Theatre are back with the first show of their 2014 season. A show promising the emotion, absurdity, and wit of their 2013 productions. "In the midst of a world war, two men stumble across each other in an arctic wasteland. One, a distraught soldier-to-be. The other, a shell-shocked veteran who won't stop running. By a miraculous freak of nature, both are granted glimpses into their pasts and where they've gone wrong. But can the past save you from your future?&quo


Starring Daley King, Nic Doig, Andrew Dawson, Emily David, Shannon Rogers, Launce Ronzan, Rhianna Hall, and Chelsea Kunkler. 

Bye. Gone. is a story of guilt, doubt, and accepting your past. As Second Chance Theatre enters its last year of university based productions, they aim to provide three shows that are completely different from anything you've seen so far. The first of these, Bye. Gone. simultaneously reflects on history while forging towards a brighter future.

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of World War I, there will be a special 3pm matinee on Friday 25 April as well as a 7pm showing, instead of the usual Saturday matinee.

Disclaimer: This show contains references to war and mental illness, with mild coarse language.

Contact: Second Chance Theatre