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Captain Quokka's Adventures on the High Seas - presented by Children's Theatre at Murdoch

Date: 07th June 2014
Time: 14:00 PM - 15:30 PM

Location: Nexus Theatre, South Street Campus

Murdoch Children’s Theatre presents this year’s production of Captain Quokka’s Adventures written by Jenny de Reuck in Nexus Theatre on Saturday 7 June at 2pm and 6.30pm. With a score by Nick Choo this is musical theatre for the whole family. Follow the action as Captain Quokka takes on the wicked Pie Rats in an epic battle between ‘Good' and ‘Evil’ that will appeal to audiences young and old alike.


It’s early in the 17th Century and Spice Traders from Europe, in their tiny ships, among them the Duyfken, owned by a Dutch merchant, Mijnheer Katzenellenbogen, are looking for the magic passage that will take them across the oceans to a fabled land of unrivalled riches at the edge of the earth.

On an outcrop of limestone rocks, just west of the Great Southern Land, that ignorant Dutch sailors (who really should know better!) have named “Rottnest”, Captain Quokka prepares for a dangerous mission. He and his friends, the Sea Lions, the Fairy Penguins, an aged Turtle and a ditsy Dugong (on holiday from the North-East) must face a fiendish enemy: the Pie-Rats of the North.

These creatures, under their cruel leader, the Pie-Rat King, Bluebeard, Captain of The Black Albatross, are bent on pillage and plunder and will stop at nothing to gain the gold bullion that lies deep in the holds of the Traders’ tiny ships.

All that stands between them is our young hero who faces his darkest hour as the Pie-Rats descend on Rottnest Island to claim their lost gold bullion, to silence forever the voice of their enemy and to send to the bottom of the ocean Captain Quokka’s vessel, the good ship, Courage, and all who sail in her.

This production for children in primary school and their families offers that blend of historical fact and fiction for which children’s theatre is renowned. Travel with the characters back to a time where, to the sound of the waves and the clash of steel, courage and fortitude battle to maintain their ground against the forces of evil. Captain Quokka’s Adventures on the High Seas is musical theatre that will educate as it entertains.

Where: Nexus Theatre, Murdoch University.

When: Saturday, 7 June 2014

Times: 2pm and 6.30pm

Cost: $10 – children 2 and under free.

Bookings: Anne McBride, ph. 9360 2535 during office hours or

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