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Outbound Mobility Forum to take place at Murdoch

Date: 19th April 2013
Time: 08:30 AM - 17:00 PM

Location: South Street Campus

This 19 April, 2013 Murdoch will be the host for a nation-wide conference called the Outbound Mobility Forum (OMF). This year's theme is on facilitating students' post overseas study experience. Murdoch staff are invited to join between 75 to 100 Student Mobility Administrators and or International office members from across Australia to hear presentations on wide variety of topics including reverse culture shock and students' transition of experience into the workplace.


Outbound mobility is the general umbrella term referring to the sending of Australian university students outbound on exchange, study abroad, study tours, and overseas research.

Each year the Student Mobility SIG of the IEAA holds this conference (OMF) where practitioners (like myself) gather to discuss topical issues, new and events, best practice, and share and disseminate information with each other around best practice.  

In 2013, the universities of Western Australia have earned the opportunity to host this forum.  Never before has the conference been held in WA.  Hosting the Mobility Forum has the potential to bring the conversation and focus of mobility to WA and place Murdoch University in the limelight allowing us to showcase our outstanding achievements in this sector.  Student Mobility professionals from across universities in Australia will be able to see Murdoch’s growing exchange program, faculty-led study tours by the Business school in Europe, by the Law School in Italy, and other great mobility initiatives. 

To register, see this link -

Contact: Mr Russell Braby
Phone: 9360 6778