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Multicultural Day

Date: 05th September 2013
Time: 10:00 AM - 14:00 PM

Location: South Street Campus

Bienvenido (Spanish)! Murdoch University will celebrate its cultural diversity on this special day. Clubs and students will share their cultures through creativity and activities. You will have the world at your feet.


There will be heaps of free culinary experiences. Among the festivities are food stalls, performances, the popular passport game and much more.

If you're not already part of a student club and would like to get involved and share your culture by having a stall on the day please contact International Office via, or find information on The Guild website and Facebook event.

Vi ses (Danish)! Inshoofik Gereeb Inshallah (Arabic)! Boorda noonook djinanginy (Australian Aboriginal Noongar)!

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