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Company Pulse: rebuilding public trust in our institutions

Published: 16th September 2019

Join us on Wednesday 2 October to hear insights from CEDA’s inaugural Company Pulse report which seeks to better understand community expectations of business; and the challenges facing business leaders as they attempt to sustain business performance and respond to changing community expectations.

How is business responding to the ‘trust deficit’? What must business do now to deliver on both commercial and community expectations?

The decline of community trust in business has been much discussed, and rebuilding trust will be difficult without understanding the expectations that underpin it, and how and where those expectations intersect with strategic business priorities.

CEDA will bring to life the Company Pulse findings, as business leaders across sectors:

  • Provides insight into current priorities for companies;
  • Considers the positive role senior executives play in influencing economic, environmental and social reform agendas;
  • Articulates community expectations around honest and ethical behaviour; and
  • Measures social licence to operate and raises the responsibilities and obligations of business to employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, local communities and governments.

For more information and to register for the event, visit: