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Murdoch's Living Library

Published: 30th September 2019

For mental health week, Murdoch Uni Health and the Murdoch Library have collaborated to bring you a Living Library!

A living library is based on the concept that the ‘books’ are people and instead of reading, you listen to their real life stories.

We provide a relaxed, non-judgmental environment where people can feel empowered and are given the opportunity to meet and speak to people about a topic that we often shy away from talking about – mental health.

The great thing about our living library is that you as readers, can have conversations with people who have real life experiences and you can ask questions along the way.

Our books have inspirational stories to tell about their unique mental health journey. They are all passionate about raising awareness and increasing knowledge, in the hope to help others.

Come along to hear the raw, honest and relatable stories to better understand the life experiences of others, and to possibly challenge some of your own assumptions.

Learn more about mental health and support our books who have generously given up their time to spread awareness and hope.

Colin will be sharing his story about accepting uncertainty and disappointment and how he learnt to ask for help. Or listen to Matt speak about his journey accepting domestic abuse, homelessness, mental health and weighing 200+kgs.

The Living Library is on Thursday 10 October from 10am - 11:30am in the Geoffrey Bolton Library, Garden Courtyard (North Wing Level 2). All staff and students are welcome. The library dogs will also make an appearance from 12pm.

For more information or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Bec, Health Promotion Officer on