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Murdoch to open first University Esports space in WA

Published: 7th October 2019

Murdoch University, in conjunction with Murdoch Esports and Murdoch Sports, will be opening an on-campus Esports space for student use in 2020.


It will give the competitive Esports teams of Murdoch University a space to practice on campus, as well as act as a hub for students of all backgrounds to socialise through video gaming.


Esports is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, fusing the entertainment industry of video gaming with the competitive structure of traditional sports.


Murdoch Esports is one of the biggest Murdoch Guild affiliated clubs, with more than 300 registered members.



The project was enabled through the Student Services and Amenities Fund (SSAF), set aside for projects at Murdoch that help enrich the student experience on campus.



More information about this project is available on the MurdochEsports website.