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Healthy dogs needed for study

Published: 8th October 2019

Do you have a fit healthy dog aged between 1 - 8 years, weighs 10kg or more and is not on any medication except routine dewormer and flea prevention? Please consider assisting The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University and being a part of our current study.

The Small Animal Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care team at The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University is undertaking research to determine normal values or referene intervals, for machines we use for blood testing in the hospital, and to establish control populations to compare against sick dogs in studies of various diseases. We will also be testing urine and faeces. These studies have been approved by the Animal Ethics Committee at Murdoch University.

The research will involve your dog coming in for a 15 minute appointment on a set day for a physical examination and blood collection. Blood will be collected from a vein in the leg. Additionally we ask you to bring a sample of urine and faeces collected at home that morning, if possible.


If you are interested please:

- Email and Michelle Rouffignac will arrange a date and time for you to come in with your dog.

- Michelle will email you a health history sheet and consent forms for you to complete and either email back or bring on your appointment day.

Please contact Michelle Rouffignac, Claire Sharp (, or Melissa Claus ( with any questions.