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Urban Bombing and War Crimes in the Second World War Friday, 25 October 2019

Published: 15th October 2019

A Symposium with Professor Charles Schencking (University of Hong Kong) and researchers in the Asia Research Centre & Murdoch University History Program

Oct 25 Flyer poster for Asia Research Ce

We are delighted to welcome Professor Charles Schencking, who will visit the Asia Research Centre on 25 October. Professor Schencking is a distinguished specialist on modern Japanese history at the University of Hong Kong. His keynote presentation will be followed by presentations by researchers from the Asia Research Centre/History Program at Murdoch.  All are welcome to attend.




Opening –Sandra Wilson, Academic Chair, History


Charles Schencking, ‘The “Wanton Destruction” of Japanese Cities: Urban   Area Bombing and American War Crimes in the Second World War’

1.40-2.10pm  Afternoon Tea


Paul Taucher, ‘Command Responsibility and Summary Executions in Allied War Crimes Trials of Japanese Suspects’


Kirsty Metcalfe, ‘Medical Care for Australian Captives of the Japanese Military’


Sandra Wilson, ‘War Crimes in Japanese Soldiers’ Memoirs’


Venue: ECL3


Please register at